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An Apple Byte : Apple Fine and Sideloading

In two recent blows to Apple, it’s just been fined £1.5bn for breaking EU competition laws over music streaming, while its latest iPhone update means allowing developers to offer their own ‘app stores’.

The Fine 

Following a complaint by Swedish music streaming service Spotify, Apple has been fined £1.5bn by the European Commission for abusing its market position by preventing developers from telling users about alternative, cheaper music services outside the Apple app store (which is illegal under EU antitrust rules). However, it’s been noted that the EC found no concrete evidence of consumer harm and Apple has said it will appeal.

The Update 

In other bad (but expected) news for Apple, in compliance with the Digital Markets Act (DMA), its latest iOS 17.4 update allows developers to offer their own ‘app stores’ (also referred to as ‘sideloading’). This means that users can download new software without going through the official App Store, and developers such as Google can now offer their own app store, which offers their own content and their own restrictions. However, developers will still have to pay a fee to Apple for installs.