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An Apple Byte : Apple Makes EU Concessions To Avoid Antitrust Fine

It’s been reported that The European Commission is now seeking feedback from Apple’s rivals and customers over concessions agreed by Apple relating to its tap-and-go mobile payment systems, based on the independent technology called Near-Field Communication (NFC).

Following an antitrust investigation and the threat of a fine, Apple had agreed to open up these systems to third-party developers for their own apps, which would work independently from the Apple ones. This would make it easier for rivals to develop other payment options for iOS-based devices and compete with Apple Pay and Wallet apps.

Rivals and customers have one month to come back with their feedback. Apple has assured them (and the regulators) that it would stick to its agreed concessions saying: “We have offered commitments to provide third-party developers in the European Economic Area with an option that will enable their users to make NFC contactless payments from within their iOS apps, separate from Apple Pay and Apple Wallet.”