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Security Stop Press : Doubling of Ransomware Attacks Requires Preparedness

Cyber threat intelligence company Cyble has highlighted in its recent threat report how ransomware use has doubled compared to Q3 of the year, has been adapted to bypass common defence strategies, and how there’s been increased weaponisation of vulnerabilities to deliver the Ransomware.

Cyble identifies notable trends such as exploiting zero-days, targeting networking devices, focusing on the healthcare sector, the targeting of high-income organisations (with sensitive data), and the growing popularity of ‘Rust’ and ‘GoLang’ ransomware variants. Cyble also notes how the US is still the most targeted region and how major players like LockBit are still a threat.

The advice to businesses is to amplify employee training, establish strong incident response and data recovery plans, adopt security protocols like Zero-Trust Architecture and MFA, collaborate and utilise threat intelligence platforms, proactively manage vulnerabilities, and ensure secure supply chains and vendor risk management.