Tech Tip – Creating and Sharing WhatsApp Call Links

If you’d like a way to create and share a WhatsApp call link so that anyone with a WhatsApp account can join your call by opening the link, here’s how:

– Tap the ‘Calls’ tab and tap ‘Create Call Link’.

– Select your call type, video, or voice.

– Tap ‘Copy Link’, and send the ‘Link via WhatsApp’ to share in WhatsApp, or ‘Share Link’ to share it in another app.

Each time you create a call link the URL is different and secure, so no one can guess your call links.

Tech Tip – How To Delete Your ChatGPT Conversation History

If you’d like to protect your privacy and the privacy of your business in terms of what you share with ChatGPT, here’s how to delete your ChatGPT chat history:

– Sign-in to your ChatGPT account and click on the three dots next to your account name (at the foot of the chats).

– Click on the “Clear Conversations” link.

– Confirm the deletion by clicking on “Confirm clear conversations.”

Tech Tip – Use the ‘Autocomplete’ Command In ChatGPT

If you need to complete a sentence or get creative when writing some content but don’t have the time or are struggling to come up with new ideas, using the “/autocomplete” command in ChatGPT can help. Here’s how:

“/autocomplete” is a command can be used to generate text that completes the sentence you provide. For example, if you are trying to write a product description, you can type in the partial sentence and use the “/autocomplete” command to generate suggestions for how to complete the sentence.

Here’s a simple example:

– Let’s say you’re launching a new product and struggling to come up with a catchy name. You can use “/autocomplete” to generate a list of potential names based on a few keywords. Here’s how:

– Type /autocomplete” in the chat box and hit enter.

– In the following prompt, enter some keywords related to your product. For example, “innovative,” “technology,” “modern,” etc. ChatGPT will then generate a list of potential product names based on your keywords, such as “InnovaTech,” “ModTech,” “TechGenius,” etc.

– You can then choose your favourite name from the list or use them as inspiration to come up with your own unique name.

– Using “/autocomplete” in this way can be a helpful tool for generating ideas and inspiration when you’re stuck or need a quick boost of creativity.

Tech Tip – Making ChatGPT Produce Answers In Tabular Format

If you’d like to save time and stay organised by getting outputs from ChatGPT that are already in tabular format, here’s how:

– Ask ChatGPT to list the benefits of two or more different ways of delivering a list, and to answer in a table format. For example, type “List the differences between rugby league and rugby union in a table format.”

– ChatGPT will produce the answer in a table format that can be copied to your required program or platform.

– The same can be done where dimensions and weights of products are involved and for many other purposes. Try it!