Security Stop Press : FraudGPT

Researchers from Netenrich have reported finding “FraudGPT” being sold on the dark web. It’s been described as a subscription-based generative AI tool for creating malicious cyberattacks. It’s been reported that the tool can do anything from writing malicious code and malware to creating phishing campaigns, thereby making putting advanced attack methods available to even inexperienced attackers, potentially democratising weaponised generative AI at scale.

This highlights the importance, not just of businesses prioritising their cyber defences, but also the need for AI-based defences at the start of what some have described as an ‘AI arms race.’

Security Stop Press : Cyber Attack On Ambulance Patient Records System

A cyber-attack aimed at Sweden-based health software company Ortivus has left several of its UK NHS ambulance service trust users struggling to record patient data.

The affected trusts, including South Western Ambulance Service Trust and South Central Ambulance Service Trust serve 12 million people.

With electronic patient records unavailable, staff have reportedly been told that efforts to patch servers are ongoing. Ortivius has said in a statement that “No patients have been directly affected”.