Security Stop Press : AnyDesk Hacked

AnyDesk, the remote desktop application company has reported that it recently suffered a cyberattack where hackers gained access to its production servers.

It has been reported that source code and private code signing keys were stolen.

AnyDesk said in a statement that on discovering the breach it activated a (successful) remediation and response plan involving cyber security experts CrowdStrike. AnyDesk says: “To date, we have no evidence that any end-user devices have been affected. We can confirm that the situation is under control, and it is safe to use AnyDesk.”

Security-Stop-Press : Hacker Backdoor Found In World’s Critical Infrastructure Tech

Dutch researchers from cybersecurity firm Midnight Blue have reported discovering a deliberate hacker’s backdoor in the TETRA radio technology that’s used in 120 countries to control critical infrastructure like power grids, gas pipelines, trains, airports, and communications for emergency services.

The backdoor in the encryption algorithm, could easily be hacked, reportedly in just minutes, and used to disrupt critical infrastructure worldwide with dire consequences. The researchers have warned organisations using radio technologies to check with their manufacturer if their devices use TETRA and what fixes are available. As yet, many critical infrastructure companies are reported to be unresponsive and could still be at serious risk.

Security Stop Press : Flaw Allows Hackers To Control Surveillance Cameras

It’s been reported that a BBC investigation has uncovered tech flaws in two top brand, Chinese-made surveillance cameras that could enable hackers to control them and spy on businesses and organisations or use the flaws as a Trojan horse to interfere with computer networks. The software backdoor flaws in the Hikvision and Dahua are now being addressed through firmware updates.