Security Stop Press : List Of Malicious Android Apps To Delete Now

Online protection company McAfee’s Mobile Research Team has identified a list of malicious apps that Android owners should immediately delete. This is because they use Xamalicious malware to build a stealth backdoor, infect, and take over devices.

The apps, which have now been removed from the Google Play store, are reported to have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.

Detailed information about how each of the apps infects devices, and a list of the 13 malicious apps that were present in the Google Play Store can be found on McAfee’s website here.

The advice is to avoid using apps that require accessibility services unless there is a genuine need for their use, install security software on your device, always keep the security software up to date.

Security Stop-Press : Mic-Snooping Malware Added To Legit Google Play App

ESET researchers have reported finding mic-snooping hidden malware in the legitimate Android iRecorder – Screen Recorder (screen-and-audio recorder) app while it was still available in the Google Play Store. The malware was added as an update, and it’s thought that tens of thousands of people may have downloaded the app before Google was alerted and the app was removed from its online store.