Sustainability-in-Tech : New Apps Tackle World’s Fishing Sustainability

With the world facing challenges like tackling overfishing while trying to support those in local communities who rely on fishing for a living, a South Africa-based company has developed apps to address both issues and more.

What Are The Issues? 

Today’s ocean and coastal communities are now threatened by rising temperatures, overfishing and biodiversity loss. Add to this a huge rise in global demand for fish supply and you get overfishing. In fact, with 30 per cent of fisheries are currently overexploited and 60 per cent are fully utilised, the scale and nature of some serious issues around fishing soon become painfully clear.

However, to fully understand the scope of the problem so that it can be effectively tackled, governments and marine scientists first need access to current, accurate, critical data about the origin of fish catches. To help tackle the overfishing problem and restore fish populations, they also require the support of local communities who depend on fishing for their livelihoods.


ABALOBI is a hybrid social enterprise, public non-profit technology initiative with ideas and technology to tackle these issues. ABALOBI’s technology is designed specifically to support sustainable fishing practices, empower small-scale fishers, and ensure traceability and transparency within the seafood supply chain. Its platform (designed around 3 apps) has been developed to benefit coastal communities by enhancing their livelihoods for social, economic, and ecological sustainability as well as preserving marine ecosystems (from the threat of overfishing). The apps also help ensure traceability and transparency within the seafood supply chain.

What Are The Three Apps & How Do They Help? 

The 3 apps that feed into the ABALOBI’s fishing sustainability platform are:

1. ABALOBI Fisher. This app is designed for small-scale fishers to log catches and manage their activities, such as recording catch data, tracking efforts, managing finances, and getting weather updates. This helps with resource management, operational efficiency, and safety. This app has been designed to enhance sustainability through accurate data logging, empower fishermen with better management tools, and to improves safety at sea.

2. ABALOBI Marketplace. Among its many features, this app essentially enables direct sales of seafood between fishermen and buyers. For example, fishermen can list catches for direct sale, manage orders, and access market prices. It also ensures full traceability from catch to consumer.

In terms of benefits, this marketplace app provides market access and fair pricing for fishermen, enhances transparency and trust in the supply chain, and can support fair compensation and improved livelihoods for fishers.

3. ABALOBI Monitor. This app provides a means for data collection by researchers and fisheries managers. For example, it collects data on fish stocks and socio-economic conditions, conducts surveys, and offers analytical tools for generating reports.

Being able to access this valuable and accurate data could help support sustainable resource management, inform research and policy decisions, and engage communities to address their needs and promote resilience.

Collectively therefore, these apps and the platform can empower small-scale fishermen, promote sustainable practices, and ensure supply chain transparency.

Well Received 

ABALOBI’s technology has been well received and the company was a finalist for last year’s Earthshot Prize, the global environmental award designed to incentivise solutions to the planet’s greatest environmental challenges.

At the time, Serge Raemaekers, Co-Founder and Managing Director of ABALOBI, said of his company’s technology: “Coastal communities are instrumental in the fight to preserve the health of our oceans. Our technology, developed in partnership with fishing communities, is both easy to use and can be adopted at scale, meaning responsible small-scale fishers across the globe can be appreciated as stewards of the ocean”. 

What Does This Mean For Your Organisation?

The development of technology like ABALOBI’s apps shows how innovative tech-based solutions can address significant global challenges and offer benefits across many industries. For UK businesses, this highlights the potential of apps to gather substantial amounts of accurate data and facilitate connections between diverse stakeholders, such as buyers and sellers or scientists and policymakers.

In ABALOBI’s case, its apparent success in developing technology to promote sustainable fishing practices and enhance the livelihoods of coastal communities illustrates how technology can drive sustainability and transparency, and improve lives. Similar approaches can be applied in different sectors, enabling businesses to optimise resource management, improve operational efficiency, and meet consumer demands for ethical practices.

Also, the ability of ABALOBI’s apps to provide real-time data and insights highlights the importance of accurate information in making informed decisions. Businesses can leverage such data to enhance their supply chains, ensure fair pricing, and build trust with customers and partners.

While technology can play a vital role in tackling tough challenges, it’s often not a standalone solution. Addressing complex issues like overfishing, for example, requires a multifaceted approach, including regulatory support, community engagement, and educational initiatives. For example, enforcing sustainable practices, raising awareness about environmental impacts, and supporting local communities are essential complementary measures.

ABALOBI appears to have developed a technology-based solution to help tackle a very real and pressing global food sustainability issue. For businesses generally, however, it provides an example of how the targeted incorporation of technology into a business strategy can help find workable solutions to problems, improve transparency, and foster resilience. Although ABALOBI is a non-profit initiative, it still serves as an example to other businesses and organisations of how technology can contribute to global sustainability efforts while enhancing their own operations and reputation.

An Apple Byte : Apple To Allow Sideloaded EU App Stores

In compliance with the regulations in the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), and following the iOS 17.2 update, it’s been reported that Apple will soon be allowing iOS users to sideload app stores in the EU.

This means that iOS users will be able to download and install apps from sources other than its official Apple App Store, which has previously been the only source for downloading apps on iPhone and iPad.

It’s been reported that sideloading from app stores in the EU could be available to iOS users in the first half of 2024. This opening up of competition to something that Apple has had full control over could affect the company’s revenue if users choose non-Apple channels for app payments.

AI Update – Part 1: Handy AI Resources For Your Business

In this article, we look at 22 handy AI sites that could help save time, make life easier and boost your business.

1. Pictory – 

Pictory offers a way to automatically create short, sharable branded, sales videos from your long form content. No technical skills or software download are required; it can use AI to extract content from your Zoom, Teams, and webinar recordings, plus it automatically adds captions to your videos. It’s one of many new AI video generating tools.

2. Jasper –

This business-focused language model says that it uses features from a cross-section of the best models and infuses them with recent search data, the user’s brand voice, and optimisation tools like SEO and grammar. Jasper can be used to generate text content (like ChatGPT – although much less powerful, it preceded ChatGPT on the market so we’ve included it here), plus it offers art generation, has a template library, language translation and more. It’s quite a comprehensive AI solution.

3. HitPaw – See Google Play Store

HitPaw is a one-click, AI-assisted image enhancer that can instantly make pictures less blurry, remove noise of pictures, and enlarge and upscale images without any quality loss. This sort of thing used to take a long time with programs like Photoshop.

4. Fireflies –

Fireflies uses AI to instantly produce transcripts of your meetings across several different video-conferencing apps, diallers, and audio files. It captures video and audio, generates the transcripts in minutes, integrates with apps like Google Meet, Zoom, Teams and more, and enables fast search, and analysis of voice conversations. It’s one of several new AI-enabled transcript tools that can save businesses a lot of time.

5. Acrolinx –

An AI-powered software platform that’s designed to improve the quality and effectiveness of enterprise (human and AI) content. It’s probably best for bigger companies and agencies and it’s used by some major players and offers a way to make any content published as effective as possible in terms of marketing. Quite an comprehensive product, it needs to be fully explored to be understood.

6. Beautiful AI –

This is an AI-powered tool to easily create high quality presentations. It has some impressive looking smart templates, plus the slides are automatically created and adapted as the user adds the content.

7. TinyWow

This site seems have it all and offers a handy toolbox which you can keep coming back to as their list of features just gets bigger and bigger. From text generation to image/videos manipulation and file manipulation, it’s difficult to overstate how handy this resource is and – incredibly – you can use most of it for free without needing to pay for the premium services.

8. 1-Click Summarizer (See google Play Store)

The 1-Click Summarizer and web toolbar by (Skim AI), is available as a Chrome extension and offers a fast and easy way to process and summarise news, research, and useful PDFs. For example, if you’re looking at a news article or long PDF online it will summarise all the main points with one click (a real time-saver).

9. Timehero –

TimeHero is personal project and task management software that connects to your Gmail and other project management software and automatically generates tasks based on due dates and other details. A fast and useful project and time management tool.

10. Warmest AI –

Warmest AI makes replying to emails super easy and fast. When you receive an email, it works out how you would answer an email (based on previous emails you’ve sent) and puts that in a draft ready to simply be approved by you and sent.

11. Zenefits –

Zenefits offers an AI-powered way to streamline your workflow by automatically connecting HR, Benefits, Payroll and Scheduling, together in one complete HR management platform.

12. Textio –

Textio offers a way for businesses to always use the right language in job ads and more. It’s a tool that eliminates bias in job posts, sourcing mail, and employer brand content and helps managers to identify and remove biased, ineffective feedback, enabling equitable employee development opportunities.

13. DomainWheel –

This is an AI-powered (free) tool for simply generating domain name suggestions for your website. You just need to enter a keyword or phrase and DomainWheel will instantly provide domain name ideas. It’s no surprise that you can also register them there.

14. Grammarly –

This is a highly popular, AI-powered digital writing assistant that helps you write well-structured content that’s free of plagiarism, and it eliminates grammar errors. It runs in the background on most platforms.

15. Gong –

Gong offers a fast and intelligent way for businesses to understand and analyse sales conversations and customer interactions to increase revenue efficiency and improve decision-making. It says it can turn “bottom performers into A-players”.

16. –

This AI tool helps you generate brand logos. You can try out assorted designs and even upload the logo and see how it ranks on several measures.

17. Talk To Books –

Talk To Books is an interesting (and slightly leftfield) Google creativity tool which allows you to browse passages from books using experimental AI, explore ideas and discover books by getting quotes that respond to your queries.

18. Deep Nostalgia –

This tool is quite unique in that it offers a way to animate the faces of family members from their old photos. Take a look, you’ll be surprised.

19. Magic Eraser –

This AI tool offers a fast, online way to remove unwanted objects from a photo. Just upload the photo, mark the area you want removed, the AI tool will remove it, and you can download the updated version of the photo.

20. Home Styler –

If you need to create a floor plan, this (free to try) online interior design platform lets you do it in 3D and says it is “An easy and timesaving online interior design tool for both professionals and amateurs”.

21. OutGrow –

“Boost Your Marketing With Quizzes, Calculators And Forms” as they say on their website. Makes adding clever, engaging ‘stuff’ like these a breeze.

22. TypingMind –

Despite its awesome power, the user-interface for ChatGPT is still pretty terrible. This handy resource means you can do so much more with ChatGPT with just a few keystrokes.

There are hundreds of AI sites appearing all over the place – this is just a small selection. We’ll be revisiting this list soon.

What Does This Mean For Your Business? 

AI has been around for a long time yet because interest the generative AI tool ChatGPT has been so intense since it was released just a few month ago, there has been a resurgence in the interest around AI overall. There are lots of other useful, innovative, timesaving, and value-adding AI based tools out there to boost your business or personal life and this list is just a smattering of ones that you may not have heard about.

AI can now help with so many different aspects of businesses to help improve efficiency and create competitive advantages. Trying out just a few of the options highlighted in this article, or others found in your own searches could help you to discover a new tool that could quickly and easily boost your business and this entire field of AI is exploding so scheduling regular reviews will be essential.