Tech Tip – Remove Hidden And Personal Data Before Sharing A Word Document

If you’ve got a desktop Word document that you need to share externally, and you want a fast way to check for (and remove) personal information, comments, or other hidden data that you might not want to distribute, Document Inspector can help. Here’s how to use it:

– Click on the ‘File’ tab.

– Click ‘Info,’ then click ‘Check for Issues,’ and select ‘Inspect Document.’

– In the Document Inspector dialog box, select the types of content you want to inspect.

– Click ‘Inspect.’ Review the results and click ‘Remove All’ for any types of hidden content you want to remove.

Tech Tip – Distraction-Free Reading In Word

If you have a document in Microsoft Word that you’d like to convert to a more readable, book-like format, reducing distractions and allowing you to really focus on the content, here’s how:

Open the document in Microsoft Word.

Go to the ‘View’ tab (top left) and select ‘Read Mode.’

This tidies away the menus and distractions at the side, but leaves the edit and other options in a drop-down (top right).